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  Gun ranges / Shooting Ranges

  • Numerous 25 – 50 yard ranges

  • Two covered 50 yard ranges

  • Two 200 yard ranges

  • A 340 degree range

  Other training facilities

  • Complex indoor simulated munitions shoot house

  • Climate-controlled Defensive Tactics room

  • Climate-controlled classroom


  Firearms Training Equipment

  • Simulated munitions pistols and rifles

  • Belt fed automatic weapons

Shadow Hawk Defense Shooting Range and Training Facility

Conveniently located less than 90 minutes from Dulles Airport just over the border in the 2nd Amendment friendly state of West Virginia.

Practice battle dummies for defensive tactics
Two men with rifles working together to clear a room from agressors.
Brightly lit classroom with slide screen, white boards and seating.
Instructor teaching students to defend with one hand and draw a pistol with the other.
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