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Equipment & Rentals

Try Before You Buy program - We understand the importance of having a firearm that is comfortable for you to safely handle.  Our inventory of pistols, rifles, and shotguns are available for you to try before you go to the gun store to buy.  We don't sell guns, so you can rest assured that our staff won't give you the hard press to choose a specific firearm. Call the office to schedule an appointment for this activity.  Our staff will work with you and answer your questions.  Once you find one or two firearms that you're comfortable with, we can take you to the range to give it a try.  Then you can go to the gun store with confidence.

Pistol session $30, Rifle or shotgun session $40  (max session time: 1 hour).

Equipment for training - If you want to schedule a lesson, but don't yet have the firearm or all of the equipment needed, firearms are available for rent and equipment is available for sale.  Daily rentals:  Pistol $25, Rifle or shot gun $35.

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