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DCJS Entry Level Courses

Classes conducted by CCJA


Handgun Qualified License (HQL) / Armed Guards

2 days / 16 hours

Unarmed Guard

2 days / 16 hours

Handgun Renewal

1 days / 8 hours

HQL Safety Course

4 hours

Intermediate Weapons Courses

Classes conducted by CCJA

These classes are the same for D.C., Maryland, and Virginia
Safariland Training Courses

Safariland Expandable Baton Training Courses (4 hours)

Safariland Defensive Tactics Training Courses (8 hours)

Larry Smith Training Courses

Larry Smith Baton Training Courses (4 hours)

Larry Smith Pepper Spray Training Courses (4 hours)

Larry Smith Handcuffing Training Courses (4 hours)

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