Shadow Hawk Defense logo, a hawk with a shield in it's talons, wings spread wide.

      Whether you are a first time firearm user, recreational shooter, competitive shooter or seasoned professional, we support your commitment to being a safe and proficient firearms owner.

It’s our goal to make Shadow Hawk Defense your all-inclusive firearms training destination. 

Conveniently located in West Virginia just 90 minutes from the DC metropolitan area.

     Shadow Hawk Defense offers basic, intermediate, and advanced courses in pistol, rifle, and shotgun, we also offer NRA and USCCA courses to satisfy CCW requirements.  Beyond firearms training, other courses offered are Defensive Tactics, CQB (room clearing), bounding and extracts of disciplines taught to the security contractors we host and train.  Competitive shooting matches are held weekly.  These include 2 gun, sanctioned USPSA, Outlaw Steel, sanctioned Steel Challenge, and pellet gun matches.  Our 3-D archery course will open the summer of 2021.  We are always growing.

    As a responsible firearms owner we understand your obligation and commitment to keeping your skills sharp in order to maintain proficiency and safety. Indoor ranges are fine for developing basic skills, but nothing matches the effectiveness of comprehensive defensive and dynamic training on our outdoor ranges, in our shoot house and in our defensive tactics room.

The Shadow Hawk Defense training facility was initially created to host and train professional security contractors. But due to the high demand for civilian training we’ve branched out to offer courses to the public.

     Our staff is comprised of a deep bench of highly experienced instructors from a variety of military and civilian backgrounds and training expertise.  They understand your commitment to developing and maintaining your shooting skills and are bringing their commitment to you.  Firearms training is important and serious, but we understand it also needs to be safe and enjoyable to be most effective.

We look forward to you joining us at an orientation or at one of our exciting upcoming training classes or shooting events.