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Fri, Dec 01


Shadow Hawk Defense

Introduction to Long Range Shooting

$350 Learn the art of long range shooting.Taught by Dan Simpson-Retired Navy SEAL / SEAL Team Six, Sniper Reconnaissance Team Leader and Jerry Wisecarver-1st Overall, F Class, 2007 NRA 1000 yard Regional Championship. Top 20-Light gun score, group and overall, 2006 IBS 1000yd Benchrest Nat Champ.

Introduction to Long Range Shooting
Introduction to Long Range Shooting

Time & Location

Dec 01, 2023, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Shadow Hawk Defense, 436 Apple Harvest Dr, Hedgesville, WV 25427, USA

About the event

Learn the fine art of long range shooting. Taught by Dan Simpson - Retired Navy SEAL / SEAL Team Six (ST6), 14 years. ST6 Sniper Reconnaissance Team Leader. Formerly CIA, 10 years serving as high threat protective agent. Certified Instructor for both Navy and Agency and Jerry Wisecarver - 1st Overall, F Class, 2007 NRA 1000 yard Regional Championship. Top 20-Light gun score, group and overall, 2006 IBS 1000 yard Benchrest National Championship

This course focuses on the fundamentals. 

Bad weather date is December 12th.

All participants will be required to sign a waiver. You must be of legal age to own a firearm in your state to participate in this class. Valid photo id required at registration.

Registration 8:00 am

Class begins at 8:15 am

Students should arrive at 7:45 am

This is a rain or shine activity.

Introduction to Long Range Shooting Required Equipment

1-Bolt or semi-auto rifle, able to shoot a 1 MOA (1”) group @ 100 yards, i.e Remington 700, AR-15.  **NOTE: .30 caliber maximum.  (.308, 300 Win Mag, etc. OK).  Nothing larger (.338, 50 BMG, etc.)

2-Optics-Good quality optic, with target knobs (able to be turned by hand), to dial windage and elevation. An optic that requires a coin or screwdriver to adjust your windage/elevation is not suitable.

3-100 rounds minimum match quality ammo-Lake City Match, Federal Gold Medal, Corbon, Black Hills, or quality, proven handloads. Please, do not bring cheap ammo. No incendiary, armor piercing or tracer.

4-Data / logbook-A small spiral notebook will be fine. Storm, Impact and other premade are fine as well.

5-Cleaning equipment-rod, brush, jags, solvent, rags/towels, bore guide

6-Magazines (if necessary)

7-Rifle Rest- bipod, tripod or sandbags for front rest. Rear support bag, sandbag or sand sock.

8-Lunch, snacks, hydration. We will continue with the class during lunch. There are no restaurants nearby but we will have access to fridges and microwaves.

9-Ear pro. Muffs and plug combination is best. Some rifles tend to push the muff off the ears, requiring the additional protection of plugs.

10-Eye pro

11-Clothing for weather. Hot/Cold weather gear, rain gear, etc. Sunscreen and insect repellant

12-Notepad, pen, pencil, calculator

Optional Equipment-not required, but feel free to bring if you wish.

1-Spotting scope and/or binoculars

2-Laser range finder

3-Mil Dot Master or other range estimation tool

4-Shooting mat

5-Environmental meter-Kestrel

6-Field torque wrench


9-Ballistic software

We can provide any equipment that you do not have, including a rifle. Please don’t feel obligated to rush out and buy a lot of gear. Part of the class is to introduce you to various types of rifles, optics and associated gear, so you can avoid spending money on gear, and finding out it’s not for you. The only thing that you will need to provide is ammunition. If you wish to use one of our rifles, please bring .223/5.56 77 grain ammunition.

Cancellations less than 14 days before class will result in a forfeit of $50 from registration fee. Cancellations less than 2 days before the course will result in a forfeit of $75 from registration fee. No refund for no-shows.

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